SHOP PENN Get To Know: RADIOKISMET's Christopher Plant

SHOP PENN is more than a destination for an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants set in a uniquely beautiful university setting, it also includes a dynamic group of owners and operators who pour their heart and soul into these businesses. With the return of our Get To Know series, we are introducing you to an active member of the SHOP PENN family through our Q&A spotlight and video interview.

RADIOKISMET is a pop-up event space and podcasting studio located on S 34 St within the Shop Penn Retail District. We recently sat down with its Founder, Christopher Plant, and discussed his career, advice for those entering the industry, and all things podcasting. Read the full interview with Christopher below in our latest edition of SHOP PENN Get to Know.


When was RADIOKISMET founded?
RADIOKISMET was founded in 2019 as an attempt to get into the content game, to help people tell their stories, and to build podcasts and audio content that I didn't see easily producible in the city of Philadelphia.

What led you to where you are today?
A lot of people in my life had pigeonholed me as the person that understood technology and could help them execute on a lot of their plans. After so many people asked me to help them, I decided that it might actually be a good direction for a new business.

What does a typical day at RADIOKISMET look like for you? 
The typical day at RADIOKISMET is never typical. We are always responding to what our clients need, and trying to understand how we can serve them. Not only do we assist with the podcast, but also with video support and helping clients put the content together in a way that’s good for social media and that they can use on multiple platforms. 

What motivates you?
I just love helping people, and that's why I do what I do. When I look at it from the cultural landscape of Philadelphia, I know that there are so many amazing and compelling stories. That's really what we'd like to do, is be the go-to studio for people producing content that they want to share with the world and get their message out.

What is the most rewarding part of your job & the most challenging?
The most rewarding part of the job is really helping people get their message and do it in a way that makes them feel inspired and that their message is getting through to their audience.

The hardest part of what we're doing is that the medium for podcasting and content sharing changes all the time. We have to be on top of the technology, but also able to help people put their content together in a way that serves their ultimate purpose of connecting audiences and sharing their message.

Do you have any key mentors or people who’ve deeply influenced you?
I think like most people who are into podcasting, I'm a huge fan of Guy Raz and what he's done with How I Built This. There's also a lot of interesting people just here in Philadelphia, like Kevin Chemidlin, who did a project called Philly Who.  He is somebody that really inspired me to dig deeper into what I thought I could provide as a service and to understand the future of audio. Podcasting is one of the fastest growing content forms and there are very few people who understand how to do it well.

What is something an outsider wouldn’t know about podcasting?
Something that an outsider wouldn't know about our industry is just how complicated it is to really tell a story well. I think that with podcasting and the sort of ubiquitous access that people have to it, that they think all you do is turn on a microphone and start talking. To really do the content well, you need to dig very deep into understanding what the mission is and what is the best way to tell it.

What advice would you give someone considering a career in podcasting? 
Something that I would suggest for people that are considering getting into podcasting is to do your homework, do your research, and understand why you want to do it and who you want to help. In addition, you need to know what platforms are going to be the best for you to do what you want.

Podcasting is easy to get into, hard to master. The reality is that it’s continuing to grow, and more and more people are understanding that audio entertainment as a whole is a perfect way of controlling your media and allowing people to see what you want them to see about what you do.

What is a unique offering that RADIOKISMET brings to the Shop Penn Retail District? 
I think one of the unique things that we bring to the Shop Penn community is the fact that we are not just making podcasts, we are helping people.  Clients do live performances at RADIOKISMET, where they can bring in an audience and really envelop themselves in the community in a way that will help them grow their business, understand their community, and be a better part of Philadelphia as a whole.



What book are you currently reading?
The book that I'm really compelled about right now is Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity by Peter Attia, which is about how to live a very long and fulfilling life.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? 
My favorite thing to do in my free time is to get out into the Wissahickon. I love walking and running and being in nature. One of the greatest secrets of Philadelphia is how easily you can connect with nature in the city. The Wissahickon is really one of the greatest treasures that Philadelphia has.

What is your favorite Shop Penn business aside from your own?
My favorite Shop Penn business, aside from my own, would have to be Grant Blvd right down the street with Kimberly McGlonn. 

What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?
The best concert I ever went to was when I did a really crazy thing and bought tickets to four nights in a row of LCD Soundsystem, last March, in Philadelphia at the old Electric Factory.